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My passion for painting started with my love of painted furniture and interior design.  Over the years, this passion led to formal study and then a bold career change.  It is a privilege and a blessing to now be dedicated, full time, to the art of creating unique and customized interior spaces using painted murals and scenes. 

Trained in Versailles, the most renowned city for its decorative paintings, I learned to master the same skills 17thcentury artisans used to adorn the interiors of Versailles.  Luckily, you no longer have to live in a castle to enjoy a customized mural.  Whether you are a private home or business owner (castles included!), architect or interior designer, we can work together to use the inspiration of the past to create something special in even the most modern of spaces. 


My murals can be found in exhibition booths, boutiques, offices and theatres. If you dream it, I can paint it.   It would be my pleasure to work with you to design a customized space that reflects what inspires you. Is it modern art? A favorite outdoor vista? A mural that replicates someplace sacred to you? Let’s work together to discover how the timeless beauty of a customized mural can enhance the beauty -and value- of your space. 


Please contact me for a consultation and detailed proposal. 

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